Harex Engineering Co., Ltd., Daegu, Korea


New development in concrete masonry units in recent years is remarkable. However, the creativity and imagination of the masonry designers can be transformed into reality only when machines with high quality at affordable prices are readily available.

Harex works very hard to be a reliable supplier of such machines. As a leading Korean manufacturer and exporter of concrete block machines, mixers and moulds, Harex has made every effort to adapt ever-changing technical innovation to our products. Constant absorption of new technology and and the need analysis based on the feedback from our customers are the very foundation of our own technical innovation. Now, Harex offers quality block machines with a wide spectrum of capacity and use (e.g., block machine for fly ash) to meet our customers' needs.

Harex--Your Success Partner.

International Certification

ISO 9001:2008


0442454 Centering device for arranging concrete products for cubing 2004-07-21
0527659 Mould clamping device for concrete block machines 2005-11-03
10-0657224 Device for supplying reinforce frame for concrete block machines 2006-12-07
010-0708351 Device for supporting lower mould for concrete block machines 2007-04-10

Utility Model:

0255829 Device for arranging concrete products for cubing line 2001-11-16
0299706 Device for automatic stacking of concrete products 2002-12-17
0301684 Clamp rubber for device for automatic stacking of concrete products 2003-01-08
0329032 Mould clamping device for concrete block machines 2003-09-25
0343354 Pallet supplying device for concrete block machines 2004-02-18
0389759 Device for guide of filling box for concrete block machines 2005-07-05
0389760 Device for connection/disconnection of filling ;part for ;concrete block machines 2005-07-05
0392573 Device for supplying reinforcement frame into revetment block 2005-08-03
20-0423568 Device for tramission of power to vibration table of concrete block machines 2006-08-02