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Products Outline: Harex Concrete Block machines, Mixers and Moulds

Harex Concrete Block Machines:

Harex automatic concrete block plants are equipped with batching system, mixing system, block machine, handling system including cuber, and can produce bricks, hollow and solid blocks, pavers (paving stones), rivetments, retaining wall blocks and other construction and civil engineering materials.

The kinds, dimensions and quantities of blocks that can be produced by a specific machine are determined by the machine's pallet size (effective area) and maximum block height. For example, SILVER-530, which has the pallet size of 530 x 530 mm, the effective area of 500 x 500 mm and the maximum block height of 200 mm, can produce many pieces of 240(l) x 115(w) x 90(h) mm bricks per pallet. However, the same SILVER-530 cannot produce a curbstone of 1,000(l) x 210(w) x 300(h) mm; the block size simply does not fall within the effective area. On the other hand, GOLD-700 with the pallet size of 1,400 x 700 mm and the effective area of 1,250 x 650 mm can produce this curbstone.

Harex concrete block machines are divided into two categories: the SILVER machines whose pallet width is 530 and the GOLD machines whose pallet length is 1,400 mm. With regard to the handling system, the SILVER series mainly use the Loader/Unloader/Transfer car system, while the GOLD series usually use the Elevator/Lowerator/Finger Car system.

Model Pallet Sise Vibration Control Face Mix Device System
SILVER-530 530 x 530 mm Side Auto/Man. With/Without Loader/Unloader/Transfer car system (bird's-eye view
SILVER-660 660 x 530 mm Side Auto/Man. With/Without
SILVER-850 850 x 530 mm Side Auto/Man. With/Without
SILVER-900 900 x 900 mm Side Automatic With/Without
GOLD-700 1,400 x 700 mm Table Automatic With/Without Elevator/Lowerator/Finger Car system (bird's-eye view)
GOLD-2010 1,400 x 1,300 mm Table Automatic With/Without

Harex concrete block machines: Specs and capacities at a glance (PDF)

Harex Planetary Mixers:

Harex supplies high-performance concrete mixers with a variety of mixing capacities to meet the customers' needs.

HPM 500/330, HPM 750/500, HPM 1125/750, HPM 1500/1000, HPM 2250/1500, HPM 2250/1500S, HPM 3000/2000

Harex Block Moulds:

Block Processing Equipment: