Harex Engineering Co., Ltd., Daegu, Korea

Harex Mould


Harex manufactures a variety of moulds that ensure hiquality and long life.

High Precision:

Design by CAD, CNC-machining, and strict quality-control ensure precise dimensions of mould.

Long Life:

High-quality material and strict heat treatment ensure long life of moulds.

Various Moulds:

Harex supplies moulds not only for traditional concrete products such as concrete bricks, blocks, paving stones, but also for emerging products for environmental protection such as various plant blocks

Example: A plant block and a riberbank protected by the same blocks



This block was manufactured by the above mould, and the right-side picture shows how the riverbank can be protected by these blocks. Plants grow through the empty spaces and provide a very pleasing and environment-friendly view. Usually, this kind of block is manufactured by cast-in method with wet mix, which requires a lot of time and labor. With a Harex GOLD block machine and mould shown above, you can produce this kind of block in large quantity in shorter time, and this will greatly enhance your productivitity and competitiveness.